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Over centuries, people know well the benefits and qualities of Aloe Vera. Our company, BIO PRODUCTS CORPS has not been the exception. For that reason, it has created its line of products “ PUCCHENE “ for taking care of skin with this ancestral and marvelous plant.

This products offers the choice  to have a smoother, moistener, and more youthful skin for sure.Many specialized people in searching natural products by taking care of different skins, have the goal to find better formulas of this kind of products and getting the best for you.With this kind of ideas, our company conceived to join natural substances by stopping being more years.

The products " PUCCHENE " are guaranteed by there excellents qualities.

The company  BIO PRODUCTS CORPS is producing also " SHINY " a liquid soap for cleaning  dishes.

Also we produce an unguent for veterinary use (cows, pigs, horses, cats and dogs).

Another specialaty of our company is the multure of any kind of different products. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact our agents by 

E-mail: maquila@aloevera.com.mx  or phone  52 ( 99) 46 72 39 .

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